Eliyas Sala

From: Adama, Ethiopia  Current City: Atlanta, GA
"For me‚ the American Dream is pursuing your passion and trying to be that person you have always dreamt of becoming."
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When Eliyas Sala reflects upon his journey to the United States, he considers himself lucky. This entire experience all began with a lottery.

Growing up in Ethiopia, Eliyas was surrounded by many friends and family. He attended public school and would often play soccer with his friends after class. His entire family decided to apply for the Green Card Lottery, and his father was accepted. Unfortunately, at first, his father could only afford to take his mother with him to America.

After his parents left Ethiopia, Eliyas lived with his grandmother. For four years, Eliyas waited for his parents to save enough money to bring him to the United States too. When he finally got the call, Eliyas couldn’t believe it—he thought he was dreaming. The journey from Ethiopia to Atlanta was exhausting, but Eliyas was glad to finally be reunited with his parents.

After seeing so many American movies before moving here, Eliyas was a little disappointed by what he found in Atlanta. He did not realize how difficult it would be to learn the language and get used to American culture. In time, however, he settled into his new life. Eliyas hopes to use his passion for math and helping others by becoming a math professor.

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