Diana Soto

From: Medellin, Colombia  Current City: Sacramento, CA
"I was always told that you have to follow your light. Sometimes you won’t get there, but on your way you will find the best opportunities and a lot of doors will open."
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Growing up, Diana Soto was raised with a strong work ethic and indomitable spirit. Both of these traits have lead to her success in the U.S.

Ms. Soto was born in Medellin, Colombia. Her family owned and operated a mattress company. To help out the business, Diana would answer phone calls and jump on mattresses to test their strength. Although her father passed away when she was seventeen years old, the company is still in operation to this day.

During an internship with a local bank, an opportunity arose for Ms. Soto to work in a new project in Miami. The caveat was that she needed to be bilingual. In order to learn English and further her education, Diana applied to be an au pair and moved to California in 2009. Upon meeting her host family, Ms. Soto struggled to connect with the three children; they were missing their previous au pair. In time, she shared her culture with them, and her hosts became a second family for her.

After two years as an au pair, Ms. Soto was deciding what to do next. Together with her husband, she chose to remain in the U.S. rather than move back to Colombia. She began looking for work with the help of Upwardly Global—a nonprofit that helps immigrants find employment opportunities. She works as a business and systems integration senior analyst for Accenture. Diana lives in Sacramento, California with her husband.

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