Deo Katuwal

From: Jhapa, Nepal  Current City: Fargo, ND
"I didn’t know how to open the bathroom doors. Some people helped me, and I realized that there were many things in this country I would have to learn about."
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Although he was hesitant to leave his home country, Deo Katuwal knew it was the only way for him to receive the quality of education that he wanted.

Born in Jhapa, Nepal, Deo spent most of his youth living in the Beldangi 2 refugee camp. Life in the camp was very hard for him. His father worked in another country, and his mother was bedridden due to an illness. At the age of fourteen, Deo started working construction on roads and buildings to help support him family, but he only made $2 per day.

Seeing how few opportunities he had in his home country, Deo decided to move to a new country, a better country. He began the resettlement process to come to the United States, a process that would take several years. Upon arriving in Fargo, Deo struggled to adapt to his new home. Everything was different—the language, the appliances, the weather, the culture.

With help from his friends and teachers, Deo was able to successful navigate through his new life in Fargo. Currently he is a student a Fargo South High School. His favorite subjects in school are math and history, and he loves to read. In the future, he would like to help as many people as he can to improve their lives.

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