Day Nya Moo

From: Mape, Myanmar  Current City: St. Paul, MN
"At first‚ I didn’t feel good in Minnesota because I didn’t know how to speak English or anything. I felt like I didn’t want to live here anymore. I wanted to go back to my own country‚ but I couldn’t do anything."
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When Day Nya Moo first arrived in the United States, she was apprehensive; moving to a new place was a huge risk. However, this risk more than payed off for her.

Born in the village of Mape, Myanmar, Day moved to a refugee camp when she was young in order to escape the ongoing violence that surrounded their village. Life was difficult in the camp. While Day was able to attend school, there wasn’t enough food for her family and her father worked odd jobs to earn income.

In 2010 Day and her family decided to apply to be resettled in the United States. After completing the lengthy screening process, Day was resettled in Minnesota. When she first arrived, she didn’t speak any English and was nervous about starting a new life in a strange country. Day started to feel at ease once she started school at LEAP High School and began making friends.

Since then, Day has become more comfortable in Minnesota. When she’s not in school or doing homework, Day enjoys shopping, playing volleyball, going to church, and watching Korean movies with her siblings. She hopes to become a nurse or a teacher in the future. She would like to return to Thailand someday and give back to her country of origin.

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