Daisy Wong

From: Yangon, Burma  Current City: San Francisco, CA
"We are not that different from each other even though we came from different countries. We are all part of the same human race."
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Throughout her life, Daisy Wong has loved telling stories. From childhood playtime to her career path, he has taken full advantage for this incredible gift and shares it with others.

Ms. Wong was born in Rangoon, Burma in 1972. Daisy’s mother taught Chinese, and her father was a military officer.  Fearing for his family’s safety, her father decided that they should try to flee Burma. One night Daisy was awoken by the sounds of her parents packing; it was time to leave. Sleepy-eyed, Daisy took an elephant ride through the jungle and to the local airport.

In 1978, Daisy landed in Los Angeles. Among the biggest obstacles was the language barrier. Although she spoke some English, Ms. Wong has a difficult time communicating in school. Her teachers encouraged her to channel her love of storytelling. As her writing skills improved, she wrote stories about her life in Burma.

Since then, Ms. Wong has used her passion for sharing stories to found a company: CrowdRaiser Productions, a media production organization that helps young companies increase community support and capital. Daisy resides in San Francisco, California.

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