Claudia Holzbauer

From: Lima, Peru  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"Being able to teach, make children love learning and be ready for the next level, and enjoy what they're doing, that is something I consider my personal contribution."
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Claudia Holzbauer experiences culture shock on a regular basis. From the education system to buying a home, so many processes in the U.S. are vastly different than in her home country.

Born in Lima, Peru, Ms. Holzbauer grew up near the ocean, enjoyed fresh tropical produce, and spent time with close friends. After earning her teaching degree and a bachelor’s in Education, she looked for a position as an educator. However, she struggled to find work in Peru. Some employers believed she was too old while others discriminated against her for not being white.

Although she loved living in Peru, it was getting harder and harder for Claudia to see a future there. She applied to Amity International, an exchange program for teachers. She was accepted as an intern teacher and was assigned to a school in Minnesota. As an intern teacher, she learned a lot about the American education system and how to be successful teacher within it.

Currently, Ms. Holzbauer works as a kindergarten teacher at a Spanish immersion school located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. She loves being able to share her culture with her students and demonstrating the amount of diversity within the Spanish-speaking community. Claudia is working towards a Master’s in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on children with autism, a passion of hers. She lives in Minneapolis with his husband.

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