Chris Harris

From: Poole, United Kingdom  Current City: Golden Valley, MN
"If I can do anything in the rest of my time I’m here, which I’m hoping will likely be the rest of my life, I will continue to tell people what an incredible country this is, how lucky they are to have been born here or to have moved here. If I can add nothing else to my new homeland, that is what I’m going to add because it is an amazing country."
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Chris Harris was a man seeking an adventure, and the prospect for a better life. After years of regularly vacationing in Los Angeles, Chris and Jaida (his wife) finally thought the time had come to stay for good.

The second of four siblings, Mr. Harris was raised in Brighton, England, where he also attended boarding school and college. After meeting his future wife, an American, in his last year of college, he took the most predictable job for any mathematics major: lettuce grower. Though they lived a happy life, the taxes in the UK left so little of their income remained. So they decided to move to California, with a job in the produce industry at hand.

They were happy and enjoyed Southern California. Then came two children, a boy and a girl and they began to feel stretched thin. Soon, Chris was contacted by C.H. Robinson Worldwide for a position with them in Minnesota. Life had presented an opportunity for Jaida to stay home and focus on their children, especially on managing their son’s special needs.

Outside of work, Chris tries to give back and has served on the boards of charitable organizations, including The Arc – Greater Twin Cities, an organization for individuals with intellectual and mental disabilities.

Above all, he loves reminding those in the United States that they live in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.


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