Chadier Figueroa Feliciano

From: Guánica, Puerto Rico  Current City: Milwaukee, WI
"I want to be a police officer because I just like it. I’ve got a lot of family members in the police and in the army. My cousin was a doctor in the army. And my uncle is a police officer in Puerto Rico."
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Chadier Figueroa Feliciano is from Puerto Rico. Born in Yauco and raised in Guánica with his mom, stepdad, two older sisters, and one younger sister, he had a happy life. He loved to play basketball and baseball with friends, ride his bike, spend time with his dogs Maco and Tyson. His family ate dinner together. 

When their family moved from Puerto Rico, he was left with his cousins for about a month before his mother came back to get him. They first moved to Pennsylvania, where he made friends and really liked the cold weather. He was in middle school at the time. Then his mother moved to Florida. He did not like it there as much. After about a year, he moved to Wisconsin.

Chadier likes to play basketball and ride bikes when it is not too cold. In the winter months he plays video games and goes to the mall. He also enjoys ping pong, bowling, and pool. He likes to discover new places and hang out in Milwaukee. While he has a lot of family in Puerto Rico, he loves Wisconsin. He plans to become a police officer and possibly go to college. 

Chadier loves Wisconsin and all of the places he can spend time in Milwaukee, such as the mall and the arcade with his friends. He wants to stay in Wisconsin and hopes to find a job as a police officer, maybe go to college, and one day have a house and family.

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