Cecily Victor

From: Nagercoil, India  Current City: Richmond, California
"This is a country of continuous renewal. There are opportunities to restart…which one might not find in other places."
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Many people immigrate to the United States with one thing in mind: their children. Cecily Victor is no exception. She came here hoping to give her daughter the best opportunities for her.

Ms. Victor was born in Nagercoil, a city near the southern tip of India. She spent her childhood in the northern parts of India. Cecily returned to the south where she got married, completed her MA English and MA Psychology and began her career as a teacher. Looking for a change of scenery, her family moved to Singapore in 1994. Ms. Victor worked there as a school counselor before entering the nonprofit sector.

As her daughter grew older, Ms. Victor and her family decided to immigrate to the U.S. and restart their lives for the second time. They wanted to give their daughter the best education possible and moved to the US in 2001. Their dream was realized when their daughter received her PhD in 2013.

Upon arrival, Ms. Victor struggled to begin her career in the U.S. She volunteered with Upwardly Global—an organization that provides career services for recent immigrants. The organization eventually offered her a permanent position and she currently she manages their Outreach and Mentor Programs. She uses her life experience to encourage the immigrant professionals she assists. Ms. Victor lives in Richmond, CA with her husband.

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