Badal Mongar

From: Jhapa, Nepal  Current City: Fargo, ND
"It was really tough for me to leave my country, but I was excited to move somewhere new."
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Badal Mongar has had a passion for dancing since he was very young. Living in the United States has given him the opportunity to dance across the country.

Growing up in a refugee camp in Nepal, Badal considers Nepal his home country. After talking with his family, he learned that they are Bhutanese refugees, unwanted by Bhutan nor Nepal. Badal started to feel like a refugee in his own home. Upon hearing about the resettlement process, Badal and his family began the process to move to the United States.

When he learned that his family was going to be resettled to the United States, Badal was met with a mixture of emotions. He was excited to begin this next phase of his life, but he was sad to leave his friends and home behind. Badal struggled to adjust to his new home. The weather, housing, language, and school system were completely new to him.

Since then, Badal’s life in Fargo has improved. He currently attends Fargo South High School and has participated in dance competitions in multiple states. After high school, Badal hopes to attend medical school and become a doctor. He would like to return to his refugee camp to help those in need of medical care.

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