Aziza Kabura

From: Lusaka, Zambia  Current City: Fargo, ND
"My mom explained that there are many different kinds of people in America and we should be respectful to all of them."
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After seeing her family struggle in transitioning to the United States, Aziza hopes to use the experiences she’s gained to help ease the path for others.

Aziza was born in Lusaka, Zambia. Her mother and father are originally from Burundi and the Congo, respectively. When she was six years old, Aziza moved to the Maheba refugee camp. Her family was seen by the native Zambians as ‘foreigners’ and treated them poorly. While Aziza lived a rather comfortable life in the camp, it was still a struggle to survive. 

After a sixteen-year resettlement process, Aziza and her family were accepted to live in the United States. Aziza first lived in Houston, Texas. When she arrived, she was shocked at how different it was than in Africa. Although she learned English in the refugee camp, Aziza still had problems communicating and had difficulties at school.

When her parents were unable to find work in Texas, Aziza moved to Fargo, North Dakota. Aziza was upset to be moving once again after finally feeling comfortable in Houston. She was enrolled in Fargo South High School where she made many friends to help ease her transition. In the future, Aziza hopes to study medicine or another science. She dreams of returning to Africa and building a free school to help children have better futures.

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