Anjana Chuwan

From: Jhapa, Nepal  Current City: Fargo, ND
"I don’t really remember much about my life back in camp. I remember images of me walking with my friends to school or playing with them. I remember that what we used to live in was made out of brick and bamboo."
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The most vivid memories Anjana Chuwan has about Nepal involve spending time with her friends. Although moving to the United States has had its challenges, many of those same friends are her schoolmates in Fargo.

Born to Bhutanese refugees, Anjana was born in the Timai refugee camp located in southeastern Nepal. She grew up in a bamboo and brick house and enjoyed spending time with her many friends in the camp. Anjana attended school, and her favorite subject was math.

When she was about nine years old, Anjana and her family were resettled in the United States.  She arrived in Boise, Idaho in the fall of 2011. Anjana began fourth grade but had a difficult time making friends at her new school. She knew very little English, and there weren’t many other Nepali families in the area.

In 2014, Anjana moved to Fargo, North Dakota to be close to her grandparents. She is currently a student at Fargo South High School, where many of her cousins and childhood friends are enrolled. Although she is not sure what career she will pursue after high school, Anjana is considering being a flight attendant, doctor, or lawyer.

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