Anis Iman

From: Bufow, Somalia  Current City: Willmar, MN
"Refugee camps are a harsh place to live in—hot days, cold nights. If you’re lucky, you get to eat once a day. It’s basic survival every day."
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Anis Iman spent the formative years of his life in a refugee camp. After resettling in the U.S., he has taken advantage of the opportunities around him.

Born in Bufow, Somalia, Mr. Iman only spent two years in his country of birth. The Somali Civil War escalated in 1991, and his family moved to a refugee camp in Kenya. At the age of 16, Anis was sponsored for a refugee visa to the U.S. by his father, who had been sponsored by relatives in the U.S. several years prior.

After his plane landed, Mr. Iman spent two days in New York before moving with his family to Minnesota. He was enrolled in high school despite never having any formal education previously. Anis struggled to adjust to his new environment; most of his classmates talked and looked differently than he did. He persevered and went on to graduate from high school and college.

Since then, Mr. Iman has gotten married and started a family. He currently works as a production supervisor at Jennie-O Turkey Store where he manages nearly 400 employees. In addition, Anis is a board member of the United Way of West Central Minnesota and is very active in the Somali community. He lives in Willmar, Minnesota with his wife and two children.

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