Anastassia Maxwell

From: Moscow, Russia  Current City: Golden Valley, MN
"When you come to another country, you have to start your education and professional career from scratch even though you have your degrees and experience."
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When she first moved to the U.S., Anastassia Maxwell was overwhelmed by the experience of being in a new city without any kind of­ support network. She had to restart her life and her career.

Ms. Maxwell grew up in Moscow with her parents, grandfather, and younger brother. She attended a nearby school and spent her summers at camp or at the family cabin. During her fourth year of college, her grandfather passed away from cancer and her father was killed in a car accident shortly afterwards. Suddenly, Anastassia found herself having to provide for her family while being a fulltime student.

After finishing her undergraduate degree, Ms. Maxwell pursued a higher degree in English and Intercultural Communications while working part-time. She visited the U.S. for a summer through the program “Work And Study USA”. Anastassia returned to Moscow, finished her graduate studies, and started her professional career.  After 3 years, Ms. Maxwell moved to Houston to start her new life with her fiancée, an American whom she met at Moscow State University.  In Texas, she went back to school to earn her MBA and CPA and relaunched her career in the U.S.

Since then, Ms. Maxwell has moved to Minnesota. She currently works as a tax manager for a private firm. Every spring, she volunteers as a tax advisor and helps organize her neighborhood’s annual autumn festival. Anastassia lives in Golden Valley, MN with her husband and their three daughters.

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