Aisha Said

From: Helsinki, Finland  Current City: Minneapolis, MN
"You don’t come across a Somali-Finn a lot so I’d also like to contribute to not only my Somali culture but also my Finnish culture."
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Being born in Finland to Somali parents, Aisha Said offers an incredibly unique outlook on life. She aims to share her experiences and to help broaden the perspectives of others.

Ms. Said was born in Helsinki, Finland to parents who immigrated from Somalia. She and her siblings grew up in a multi-lingual household speaking a combination of Somali, Finnish, and English. As Finnish high school often specialize in one subject, Aisha attended a school that specialized in languages where she added Swedish, Italian, Spanish, and Latin to her repertoire. In addition to her academics, she participated in basketball, swimming, and running.

When her mother was remarried to an American, Aisha’s entire family decided to live together in the United States. Ms. Said completed her green card process and moved to Minnesota in 2014. She was overwhelmed when she first arrived in the United States; she had to start her life over. After two weeks, Aisha started going to high school which proved to be vastly different to her academic experience in Finland.

Currently, Ms. Said is a sophomore in college and maintains a job when she’s not in class. Although she’s not sure what the future has in store for her, she wants to share her culture and perspective with as many people as she can.


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