Abdullahi Farah

From: Kebri Darah, Ethiopia  Current City: Faribault, MN
"It’s good to see how Faribault is changing. I see the future is bright."
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By playing on his school’s soccer team, Abdullahi Farah has learned the importance of teamwork, solidarity, and communication. He applies these lessons to his everyday life as well.

Abdullahi was born in the city of Kebri Dahar in eastern Somalia. His family moved from country to country in an effort to escape the violence in the region before settling in Kenya. Abdullahi spent three years in the harsh conditions of a Kenyan refugee camp. One day, Abdullahi found out that his family was chosen for resettlement. They went through the interview process and flew to Dallas, Texas.

Life in Dallas was strange for Abdullahi. Everything was new to him, and there were only a couple other Somali families in the city. As he prepared for his first day of school, he was nervous about being the only Somali kid in the classroom. To his surprise, his class was very diverse. Months later, Abdullahi and his family moved to Faribault, Minnesota where two of his uncles were already living. He has been there ever since.

Abdullahi is a student at Faribault High School. He plays on the school soccer team and helped lead the team to the Minnesota state tournament. After high school, Abdullahi wants to try his best to be a good person and to help others.


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