Abdoulaye Diallo

From: Conakry, Guinea  Current City: Atlanta, GA
"In Senegal I was lost for four years. I lived by myself in the street. Life in the street was full of trouble."
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For four years, Abdoulaye Diallo lived on the streets. While it was a difficult time in his life, it taught him to never give in to fear and to fight for what you want.

Abdoulaye was born in Guinea. Outside of school, he spent his time playing soccer, making tea, and climbing mango trees. Abdoulaye’s father sent him to a school in Senegal too he could learn Arabic. After completing his schooling, his father would allow him to join him in the United States. While he was there, Abdoulaye got lost and became stranded on the street for nearly four years.

Living on the streets of Senegal was a grueling experience. During the days, he had to find whatever work he could, often exchanging his services for a warm meal or a shower. At night, he had to fend off the other street boys who would beat him up. One day a classmate from school recognized him on the street and called Abdoulaye’s mother. When she came to see him, she could barely recognize him.

After reuniting with his family, Abdoulaye got ready to come to the United States. When his plane landed in Atlanta, he was overjoyed to see his father and siblings again. Since coming to America, Abdoulaye has fallen in love with hip-hop music. He has started working on his own songs and hopes to become a music producer someday.

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