Abdiaziz Farah

From: Nairobi, Kenya  Current City: Faribault, MN
"I’m trying to get a degree in education so I can help any new incoming students—from different areas—learn what I’ve learned"
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Before Abdiaziz Farah left Kenya, he was concerned about leaving behind everything that was familiar to him. His introduction to the United States was difficult, but hard work has brought him success.

Abdiaziz was born in Kenya to Somali parents. His father owned a business, and Abdiaziz enjoyed a comfortable life in the heart of the city. Life in Kenya gradually became more dangerous so his family decided to leave the country. When he was four years old, his mother moved to the United States leaving Abdiaziz with his father and grandmother until his visa was ready.

When he first arrived in the United States, Abdiaziz was unsure about his new life. He didn’t like leaving behind his home and his friends. At school, he was the only non-white student in the entire school, making it difficult to find friends. Over time, Abdiaziz strengthened his knowledge of the English language and gained many new skills.

Since then, Abdiaziz has thrived in the United States. He currently attends Faribault High School and has reached the A Honor Roll every academic year. After he graduates, Abdiaziz intends to earn an education degree from St. Cloud State University and return to Kenya to work as a teacher.


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