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Overarching Issue: Pervasive negative perceptions and stereotypes about immigrants and refugees within non-immigrant communities in the United States. These negative perceptions lead to formalized policies that directly or indirectly disenfranchise immigrant and refugees economically, politically, and socially.

Long-Term Goal: Create a bridge and common platform of understanding between immigrants, non-immigrants, and advocates nationwide. In the process of achieving this common ground, GCV aims to both empower refugee and immigrant communities, and foster empathy, understanding, and intercultural knowledge within the non-immigrant community.

Our Solution: We have so far produced and published three award winning books in Minnesota and North Dakota. We plan to expand and scale-up in the region as well as nationally. If you, too, would like a Green Card Youth Voices book created to fulfill the need of your community/city, write to us at and we will send you Step-by-Step PROCESS GUIDE to partnering with us on the Green Card Youth Voices book!


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