Green Card Voices Awarded Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant



Green Card Voices Awarded Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant

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[Minneapolis], Minn., January 25, 2018 – Green Card Voices was awarded $50,000 by Propel Nonprofits, in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), for infrastructure funding. The intent of the Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program is to support the missions of small, culturally led organizations by strengthening their internal operations.

“We believe that increasing the capacity of small organizations which work with historically underserved cultural communities helps position them for greater impact in their community,” said Mario Hernandez, Strategic Services Director for Propel Nonprofits, who are administering the grant in partnership with DEED.

With funds from the Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program, Green Card Voices will build a sustainable and comprehensive financial system, upgrade their website to increase usability of their online content, and hire a development staff member to financially grow their capacity. “Green Card Voices hopes to become a more effective and sustainable organization through this grant. A strong foundation means we’ll be able to focus our energy on our mission of sharing immigrant stories, fostering more welcoming and integrated communities,” said Executive Director, Tea Rozman Clark.

“You can’t carry out your mission if you don’t invest in core mission support – efficient technology, administration, and financial systems; staff development; new collaborations; and other internal supports,” said Kate Barr, President & CEO of Propel Nonprofits. There was a strong demand for this pilot funding round from across the state.

In addition to grant funding, awarded organizations will also receive ongoing technical assistance from Propel Nonprofits regarding financial administration.

Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program is a pilot program made possible by funding from the State of Minnesota. A full list of awardees can be found at

Propel Nonprofits Contact

Kallie Rollenhagen or 612-249-6685


ABOUT GREEN CARD VOICES: Based in Minneapolis, Green Card Voices (GCV) utilizes digital storytelling, traveling exhibits, and self-published books to share personal narratives of America’s immigrants. GCV’s programming seeks to foster tolerance and increase the appreciation of the immigrant experience. Through their dynamic platforms, they empower educational institutions, community groups and individuals alike to acquire first-person perspectives about immigrants’ lives.


Tea Rozman Clark, E.D.


ABOUT PROPEL NONPROFITS: On January 1, 2017, MAP for Nonprofits merged with Nonprofits Assistance Fund resulting in Propel Nonprofits, an organization that closely links strategy, governance, and finance to support nonprofits throughout their organizational lifecycle. Propel Nonprofits powers nonprofits, providing expert training, collaborative guidance, and financial resources to help Minnesota organizations fulfill their missions.

Twins host Green Card Voices Retreat

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mini retreat photoParagraph Published by Twins Connect, February, 2016

On February 5, Green Card Voices held its first ever “strategic planning retreat” here at Target Field. Since its launch in 2013, the organization has exhibited a mission to share the stories of immigrants in order to increase everyone’s understanding and tolerance toward them. By putting a face to those involved in today’s immigration debates, the goal is to generate a new public attitude going forward in regard to who immigrants really are. In an effort to further pursue this goal, Green Card Voices is in the process of releasing Green Card Youth Voices: Immigration stories from an American High School. The book includes 30 narratives, all written by immigrant students, which illustrate what life is like for immigrants in high school. For more information or to pre-order the book today, click here.

Wellstone students help change the immigrant narrative

aksun and tsion squareArticle Published by MinnPost, Written by Erin Henricks
February 10, 2016

Tsion and Aksum Woldeyes, 17-year-old Ethiopian twins who attend Wellstone International School, a public school in Minneapolis, have exhibited more resiliency and cross-cultural awareness than most kids their age. Prompted by an ongoing civil war in Ethiopia, their family of 11 began making the journey to Minnesota years ago. The girls arrived in 2012, living with their dad for three years before their mother was able to join them, siblings in tow. Only the two eldest boys still live in Ethiopia.

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Announcing GCV’s New Board Officers and Directors

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Faraaz MohammedMINNEAPOLIS, MN (Feb 3, 2016)

Dear Green Card Voices Friends and Family: It is my privilege to announce GCV’s new board members for 2016:

Faraaz Mohammed, Partner and Director of Business Development, Prudent Accountants
Mr. Mohammed received his BSB in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing from the Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis, MN where he was the recipient of both UMN’s Gold and Tozer Foundation scholarships. As a son of two first-generation immigrants, Faraaz did not speak English until the first day of Kindergarten. However, 13 years later (and many years of ESL), he delivered the commencement speech at his high school graduation from a class of 400+ graduates. He is happy to give back by serving as the Treasurer of Green Card Voices. (more…)

Behind the Scenes of Green Card Voices: Somali Stories

Article Published by Pollen Midwest, Written by Holly Harrison
January 29, 2016

Green Card Voices doesn’t just pride itself on telling immigrant stories that won’t be covered by other media outlets—they go about gathering those stories in a unique way as well.

“We really want to respect [our volunteers’] stories and want them to be in control of their narrative,” says Tea Rozman Clark, Green Card Voices Executive Director. They start with a lot of prep, sending their storytellers questions in advance. They work with their storytellers to the very end, letting them see and approve the edited product. And even once their story is online, they still have the option to pull out.

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The Immigrant Stories that Media Outlets Ignore

tashitaa squareArticle Published by Pollen Midwest, Written by Holly Harrison
January 29, 2016

Green Card Voices Executive Director Tea Rozman-Clark has an experiment for you. Look up Tashitaa Tufaa and familiarize yourself with how most media outlets portray him. Next, watch Tashitaa tell his story on Green Card Voices. Can you see the difference?

Tea explains, “Tashitaa’s an entrepreneur. He’s got a business that’s worth $12 million. But when we recorded his story, none of that is there. He talks about his life and his journey, but he never says, ‘And now we earn this much money.’ Instead he says his biggest joy is that he was able to buy a small piece of land here, because what gives him joy now is what gave him joy back in Ethiopia: farming. So on the weekend, he takes his family to go and work the land.”

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Green Card Voices to Record Stories of Immigrant Youth from Wellstone

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IMG_7208MINNEAPOLIS – (September 12, 2015) – Monday through Wednesday, September 21-23, Green Card Voices will record 30 immigrant stories of youth currently enrolled at Wellstone International High School. This is a collaborative project between Intermedia Arts Youth Media, Wellstone International High School and Green Card Voices. We will conduct oral history interviews with 30 high school students from Wellstone International HS who are first-generation immigrants to the U.S., and create a series of exhibits and documentary films showcasing their stories. After a year-long collaboration, this project will culminate in classroom and public screenings as well as discussions of the stories recorded. A self-standing exhibit featuring these stories will be produced that will tour different high schools. (more…)

A New Ellis Island Here in Minnesota?

IMG_2433Article Published by MSR News, Written by Charles Hallman

September 9, 2015

According to the Pew Research Center, the number of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. reached a high of 12.2 million in 2007, and now is at 11.3 million — about 3.5 percent of the nation’s population. The center also noted in a July article that Mexicans make up nearly half of all undocumented immigrants; six states — California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illinois — make up 60 percent of undocumented immigrants. Over five percent of the country’s labor force consists of undocumented immigrants, and about seven percent of K-12 students have at least one undocumented immigrant parent.

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Green Card Voices Hosts Forum to Explore the Impact of Immigrant Storytelling

DSC_1119Download PDF of Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS – (August 28, 2015) – On Wednesday, September 2, Green Card Voices will host Changing the Dominant Narrative, an all day forum designed to explore how immigrant stories are told, and who tells them. The idea for the forum was inspired by conversations with storytellers, partners, individuals and entities that have a stake in the immigrant experience and its social impact.  The full day program begins at 1:00PM and will take place at Intermedia Arts located at 2822 Lyndale Ave, in Minneapolis.

The day, which features over a dozen panelists from varied backgrounds, will be broken into three sessions and a final presentation.  It will conclude with dinner and live music. “We wanted to create a forum to share experiences and dig deep into the more intimate parameters and pursuits that motivate each of us,” said Executive Director Tea Rozman-Clark.  Just as importantly, it is a time for participants and storytellers to dialogue and network while sharing experiences and best practices. (more…)

Immigrants’ way to Willmar varies

Willmar photoArticle Published by West Central Tribune, Written by Linda Vanderwerf
July 30, 2015

WILLMAR — The trio of immigrants came to Willmar in different ways, whether fleeing civil war or leaving a life without promise. They moved here to be near family, to find work, to be in a smaller city. They have one thing in common, though. They love it in Willmar and plan to stay.

Ya Chawt, Victor Romo and Abdullahi Olow told their stories Thursday to more than 130 people who attended An Evening of Stories in downtown Willmar. The event was a project of Vision 20/40 Willmar Lakes Area, a project working to help Willmar prepare to move into the future. One of its goals is to attract and retain newcomers to the area. For more information, go to

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Green Card Voices Joins Nation-Wide Effort

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IHM generalMINNEAPOLIS, MN – (May 28, 2015) –Today, Green Card Voices—a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization—announced its support for the second-annual Immigrant Heritage Month, an initiative to partner community organizations, elected officials, corporations, artists, and thought leaders to gather and share inspirational stories of American immigrants. (more…)

3 Local Arts Leaders among Bush Fellows

teaArticle Published by MinnPost, Written by Pamela Espeland
March 18, 2015

Green Card Voices combats stereotypes with first-person stories. Founded by Tea Rozman Clark in 2013, based at Intermedia Arts, it records the stories of American immigrants – naturalized citizens, permanent residents, refugees, asylum seekers and those on temporary visas – and makes them available free of charge as five-minute videos on its website. So far, 60 countries are represented in GCV’s digital library. During this year’s Festival of Nations (April 30-May 3 in St. Paul), the organization plans to record up to 32 immigrant oral histories. FMI and registration. Rozman Clark will use her Bush Fellowship to build her nonprofit manager skills to grow GCV into the nation’s largest video library of immigrant stories.

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Miguel Ramos of the Minnesota Twins joins Green Card Voices as Chairman of the Board

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MINNEAPOLIS – (July 24, 2014) – Miguel Ramos has signed on as board chairman for Green Card Voices, a young 501(c)3 that facilitates understanding between immigrant and non-immigrant communities through digital storytelling.  As board chairman, Ramos will partner with Executive Director Tea Rozman Clark and existing board members to advance Green Card Voice’s strategic vision, develop partnerships and position Green Card Voices to be the nation’s leading authority on community collaboration and the immigrant experience.  (more…)

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