About Us

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Green Card Voices, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization was founded on September 9, 2013.


Green Card Voices was born from the idea that the broad narrative of current immigrants should be communicated in a way true to each immigrant’s story.  Green Card Voices seeks to be a new lens for those in the immigration dialogue.

Green Card Voices aspires to build a bridge between immigrants, non-immigrants, and advocates from across the country by sharing the first-hand immigration stories of foreign-born Americans, by helping us  see the ‘wave of immigrants’ as individuals, with interesting stories of family, hard work, and cultural diversity.

Mission Statement

Green Card Voices utilizes digital storytelling to share personal narratives of America’s immigrants, fostering tolerance and establishing a better understanding between the immigrant and non-immigrant populations.

Our dynamic, video-based platform is designed to empower a variety of educational institutions, community groups and individuals alike to acquire first-person perspective about immigrants’ lives, increasing the appreciation of the immigrant experience in America.

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