Green Card Voices Hosts Forum to Explore the Impact of Immigrant Storytelling

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MINNEAPOLIS – (August 28, 2015) – On Wednesday, September 2, Green Card Voices will host Changing the Dominant Narrative, an all day forum designed to explore how immigrant stories are told, and who tells them. The idea for the forum was inspired by conversations with storytellers, partners, individuals and entities that have a stake in the immigrant experience and its social impact.  The full day program begins at 1:00PM and will take place at Intermedia Arts located at 2822 Lyndale Ave, in Minneapolis.

The day, which features over a dozen panelists from varied backgrounds, will be broken into three sessions and a final presentation.  It will conclude with dinner and live music. “We wanted to create a forum to share experiences and dig deep into the more intimate parameters and pursuits that motivate each of us,” said Executive Director Tea Rozman-Clark.  Just as importantly, it is a time for participants and storytellers to dialogue and network while sharing experiences and best practices.

A brief agenda appears below.  Full program details can be found at

1:00PM – 3:00PM     Roundtable: Immigrant Storytellers: How good are we in telling our stories?

3:30PM – 4:30PM     Workshop:  Framing: Who Tells Our Stories

4:35PM – 5:45PM     Roundtable:  Immigrant Voices in Schools, Libraries & Galleries: Lessons Learned

6:00PM – 7:00PM     Presentation:  Official Launch of the Green Card Voices Curriculum

7:00PM – 8:00PM     Dinner

8:00PM – 10:00PM    Exhibit & Live Music

A highlight of the day’s agenda will be the launch of the Green Card Voices Curriculum, which offers a framework for schools and organizations to study and learn about different cultures and contributions of immigrants from a first-person perspective. The curriculum has been a year in development and was made possible through the help of two grants it received from the Center for Urban and Regional Development (CURA).  This funding made it possible for GCV to hire Curriculum Developer Veronica Quillen, who is also a first generation immigrant from Cameroon.

Green Card Voices will celebrate its 2nd anniversary on the day of the forum.  Since it’s inception it has recorded 130 stories of immigrants.  Through donations and other fundraising efforts, stories are shared online, in schools, in libraries and communities through traveling exhibits.  Tickets start at $15.00 and are available on the Green Card Voices website.

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About Green Card Voices

Based in Minneapolis, Green Card Voices utilizes digital storytelling to share personal narratives of America’s immigrants. GCV’s programming seeks to foster tolerance and increase the appreciation of the immigrant experience. Through their dynamic, video-based platform they empower educational institutions, community groups and individuals alike to acquire first-person perspective about immigrants’ lives.

About Our Sponsors
The 2015 Changing the Dominant Narrative Forum is supported in part by Bush Foundation and The Minnesota Twins.

Contact:           Joelle Purvis Allen, 952-356-4403

Tea Rozman Clark, 612) 889-7635,


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