Story Stitch

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STORY STITCH     Telling Stories. Opening Minds. Becoming Neighbors.
ISBN: 978-1-9495231-1-9
List Price: $14.99  (discounts available)
55 color laminated cards (poker size deck)
Co-creation lead by Green Card Voices; created by and for diverse and inclusive communities

This game is JUST RIGHT FOR… Classrooms (Ages 10+), Diversity Training Workshops, Workplaces, Leadership/Fellow Retreats, Training Workshops, Conferences, Elderly homes (between staff and residents)

Telling Stories. Opening Minds. Becoming Neighbors. 

Why this card game? 

Green Card Voices shares stories of immigrants and has to date recorded and shared stories of 350 people originally coming from 120 countries.

We’ve created first person video narratives, produced books, exhibits and curricula, and host myriad of in person storytelling panels and book readings.

While we knew it was important to reframe immigration narratives with authentic first-person stories of immigrants and refugees, we also knew that it was important to deepen the conversation.

Everyone has a story to share. We wanted to design a way to facilitate the exchange of stories between immigrants and refugees, and their new neighbors.

In order to find a perfect tool, we reached out to our community to join us for a series of co-creating game tests.

Eventually we settled on Story Stitch!

Story Stitch was created to serve as a guided storytelling activity that connects and builds empathy between people of different cultural backgrounds, through the art of storytelling. Created by and for the community.

Photo (left) of a Story Stitch Game test on June 27 2018 at Gandhi Mahal, Minneapolis, MN.

The game consists of  STORY CARDs and STITCH CARDs. With story card A PLAYER HAS A CHANCE TO SHARE A STORY FROM THEIR LIFE. With stitch card a player has a chance to engage or/and build on the story told. The end goal:

  • a meaningful story exchange
  • learning about unique backgrounds of immigrant and non-immigrant community members through storytelling

Launch Party

On December 13, 2018, more than 70 community members joined Green Card Voices for the Story Stitch Launch Party at Gandhi Mahal Restaurant in Minneapolis. Since Gandhi Mahal hosted the co-creation sessions, it felt great to come full circle and share our finished product with all who were able to attend. Thank you to everyone who came to eat, share and play. We loved hearing all the different stories.

“This game should be on everyone’s holiday list!!”

Praise and Reviews!

“Amazing how just within 20 minutes with a group of people can make you feel so connected on so many levels. You don’t realize how easy it is to connect through this simple game. Put away social media, grab a group of your friends and get to know them on an even more personal level. Or grab a group of strangers and make new friends!”

— DJ Mounga, M.S.Ed., Director of Student Life, Presentation College, Aberdeen, SD

“I was introduced to Story Stitch through my participation in the bushCON event in Minneapolis on October 1, 2018.  As a high school teacher and literacy specialist, I am quite familiar with the Green Card Voices series and was excited to learn about this new game created to encourage storytelling between people from different backgrounds.  I think Story Stitch is a perfect addition to our teaching toolbox. We plan to use it in classrooms at Eden Prairie High School to help build relationships between students and teachers as a way to engage each student in learning at high levels.  When we played the game at the event, we heard stories from each of the participants that we never would have known without asking. This game provides the structure for these conversations and playing it can be totally student-driven. Perfect for middle and high school audiences as well as school staff.”

—  Jon Kahle, Literary Specialist, Eden Prairie High School, Eden Prairie, MN

“I attended your workshop at BushConnect and it was wonderful! I love the personal stories from the students and the Story Stitch game. I learned a lot about the people I played with. To my surprise, I challenged myself to share more than my comfort zone.”

— Jewelly Lee, Assistant Director of Student Employment and Leadership, St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN

Story stitch was my favorite part of the BushConnect 2018 conference. We stayed and played during the break because we enjoyed the convo.”

— Amanda Strauss, Churches United for the Homeless, Moorhead, ND

How this game is played:

Deck: 55 cards total

  • Story Cards: (33) Cards with story questions
  • Stitch Cards: (22) Cards with lines and dots

Set the pile of Story Cards face down in the center of players.

Distribute all Stitch Cards to players (some players may receive more than others).


  1. Introduce yourselves to the group:
  • What is your name?
  • Where do you consider home?
  • What languages do you speak?
  • Share something special about yourself (favorite food, hobbies/activities, something that makes you laugh, a unique skill or ability, etc.).
  1. Select a player to begin; game moves clockwise.
  2. The first player draws a Story Card, reads the question out loud, and shares a personal story that responds to the question.  (Players may draw multiple Story Cards until finding a question they would like to answer, returning unused cards to the bottom of the deck.)
  3. When the first player finishes sharing a story, another player(s) can place a Stitch Card on the table and answer the same question or build upon that story. After Stitch Cards are played, the game returns to the second player who then selects a Story Card. Move clockwise.
  4. Continue the game with players selecting Story Cards, playing Stitch Cards, and sharing and building upon stories until players no longer have any Stitch Cards remaining in their hands.


  • Be brave and vulnerable
  • Listen attentively to others and do not interrupt
  • Remember, you are in charge of your story—tell only what you want to share
  • Be respectful of others—their courage and their stories
  • Build upon each other’s stories—adding new, personal details
  • Ask questions about each other’s experiences
  • Learn about each other through the stories shared and conversations ignited

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